Sunday, June 15, 2014

Writing my heart out


In the long history of my tutoring life since 1997 I have never felt so upset or sad about losing a student this much. Yes, I am  extremely upset. Why? Let me get to that.

I have always taught from my mind and heart and loved my tutoring sessions so passionately. Probably the main reason most students do really understand my lessons so clearly and are able to retain them for longer periods of time. Teaching/tutoring has been and is still a learning experience for me too. I just love to be abreast of or immersed in my most loved two subjects Mathematics and Physics. I love to think about problems and relate them to real life. I am fascinated and curious to see how students react to my explanation of the concepts and ideas. Teaching/tutoring is the passion in my life.

So this story is about a student so special and different in so many ways from any other I have ever taught or tutored. I have had many other students who scored A* in my subjects and ranked even higher in the National Top 10 Achievers list. This student is different from those other students in her sincere devotion to her studies. How much work and effort she puts in her studies just surprised me every day. She was never ever late for class, was never unprepared. Always did the homework and was ready with more questions to ask me which were always directly related to the lesson/topic. She was very well organized and systematic. Never ever complained or shown any disinterest. Always respected me and greeted me at the door. She was always very courteous towards me. She always listened and paid utmost attention when I explained the lessons. Most of all she learned very well.

I have been tutoring her for the last 2 years plus, thanks to her mother who has done a great job of raising her the way she is and entrusted me to help her with her studies in Math and Physics. So after O’ Levels as I had expected and eagerly waited for the call, she requested for my help in her A’ Levels. I was so happy and was even prepared to teach her for free! However, I accepted a fee for the sake of professional courtesy. But, after just about one month I was told that she is to move abroad with her parents and continue her studies overseas towards a degree without completing A’ Levels.

That’s where it all started to go a bit unexpectedly sad for me. It hit me too hard I guess. I had too much expectations and high hopes to help her with her A’ Levels finishing with all A grades. She wanted to study genetic engineering and I being a science lover myself love to see her achieve this dream. I was prepared to help her in any way I can steering her towards that goal. But now it is all gone and are all out of my hand.

I wish her good luck and hope she achieves her dream of becoming a genetic engineer. I also thank her and her mom for choosing me as her tutor for Physics and Mathematics. I would also like to apologize for any of my words or actions that unintentionally might have caused any distress. I am sometimes a bit eccentric which I cannot help eliminate completely. It is unfortunately the way I am.

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