Friday, July 29, 2011

Battle for freedom of information continues

There is no doubt about the level of freedom humankind has reached in terms of accessibility of information. The dramatic change occurred to the way knowledge is acquired, by the birth of the internet and evolution of related technologies through continuous refinement and improvement, has made it possible for almost anyone to gain access to information with relative ease. Most sources of academic materials, or so called academic databases are not free. Perhaps, these databases can be made available for free too. One might wonder in such a situation, whether academia has to be made completely free for everyone universally.

Information, can be categorized into meaningless, misleading, bad, useless, good, authentic, quality etc. The information available for free can be good or bad depending on the motive and intention of the publisher or source. Academic journals, articles, books and the like are deemed authentic good quality sources of knowledge as, they are written to serve a specific purpose. That is, to pass on the knowledge to the seekers. Access to these materials have always been restricted to the seekers’ eyes only.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The greatest challenge

The greatest challenge of all is fighting against your inner self and keeping in control of your very own self. If you can win that, you are destined to succeed in your life. If not you will see yourself trying to fight and control others without any effect but with dire consequences.