Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why Leaders Succeed and Bosses Fail

We all know that every leader is a boss, but not every boss is a leader.  We can break down the fundamental differences between a boss and a true leader in terms of opposites. Do you talk, or listen? Do you demand, or motivate? If you are a boss, you are followed because of authority. If you are a leader, you are followed because of respect and admiration.

Exceptional leadership begins with a positive view of people and ends with remarkable accomplishments. Consider the differences between a boss and a leader in the following areas.

A boss demands, a leader consults.

A boss says, in a very loud and demanding voice, “I need you to get this done now!” In most cases, such a command is probably met with disdain and frustration. Did this approach cause the employees to deliver a sloppy and sub-par an outcome? It most likely did. We should all be wary of barking out orders to workers who hope to be treated with respect and kindness. When a boss demands results and places stringent expectations upon an employee without asking for perspective, his or her credibility suffers.

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