Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Engineering and Management

A job oriented job was possible if you attained an engineering qualification some 4 decades ago. Engineering is in various types of fields such as Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Mining, Aeronautical, Environment and perhaps few other fields. Engineering course is a four year course including computer subjects.

Only an engineering qualification now is not enough and you have to additionally do an MBA to build a career. The Engineering and manufacturing sector will take a worldwide stage and will be very prominent in the world.  Experts say with management qualification career choices will open up for job aspirants and that they will have a range of choices to excel.

This situation persists, thanks to high job satisfaction ratings due to the profession’s financial security and highly creative, intellectual environment; not to forget the rewards of being able to benefit society through scientific and technological discovery.

The engineering industry has always had a requirement for high quality talent. Firstly it did not appear as if it was booming because other sectors were recruiting in larger numbers. Today, the scenario has changed. Therefore, in comparison, it seems as if there is a boom in the engineering industry. Secondly, there was large scale migration of talent from engineering industry to other industries, notably IT. This necessitated recruitment of replacement in fairly substantial numbers.

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