Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am alive!

Apologies for my long absence/inactivity since November last year. Some people might have thought I had died.

It was a busy and hectic period in November with so much work and stuffs. Also, I fell ill at the same time and had to leave for holidays immediately after semester ended and get treatment for the illness.

Holiday so far has been really good having being able to spend time with parents, brothers, sisters and childhood friends. Most importantly, I was really happy to have experienced my own home place again, where I grew up as a kid, after a very long period of time away from home.

In Addu atoll, changes are taking place. Tourism has arrived with the promise of more jobs for the locals. On the island of Villingili, Shangri-la has opened a huge tourist resort. Another resort, owned by Maldives Tourism Development Corporation Plc. is operational at Herethere island. There is one more resort in Gan island called Equator Village which had been in operation even before Villingili and Herethere.

With the newly elected administration lead by the Maldivian Democratic Party and headed by the new president his Excellency  Mr. Mohamed Nasheed [aka Anni], the government is taking new turns bringing in more and more changes to the whole nation of Maldives. No wonder - Addu is no exception. The international airport at Gan, Addu Atoll is now a corporation promising some positive changes, like improvement of the airport, its facilities and hopefully upgrading of the runway as well.

After a very special and pleasant stay in my very own home place with my own parents, I am now back in Hulhumale’ preparing to return back to Malaysia and continue the stressful life of an architecture student.

Hopefully, in Malaysia I will be able to write some more interesting articles.


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