Sunday, October 11, 2009

How far would you go loving your god?

An Indian man named V. K. Saxena from New Delhi shown in this picture says  “I can't put it into words properly but I feel more holy dressed as a woman” He also says “The Lord told me he wanted me as his bride.”

Don’t be too surprised yet! Saxena is not the only one. In India a new cult for men to act as transvestites for religious fulfillment and imitating the Hindu Goddess Radha [the lover of Hindu God Krishna] is becoming a big thing.

These men are imitating Radha and acting like her to please their God Krishna.

Isn’t this a little too much for these guys? I find it extremely hilarious.

Picture courtesy: Weird Asia News


  1. Yes it is silly that transvestites need an imaginary sky being to validate themselves in front of society. People shouldn't be judged on what they wear or what gender they ascribe to. When society suppressing people, human nature will find a way to overcome it. It's a silliness in response to a far ridiculous silliness: fear of differences.

    However, silly as it is, the concept is not new (nun marrying Jesus?) or that ridiculous when compared to other things people do to come closer to god. Things so prevelant that we hardly blink an eyelid at them, but rather take them for granted.

    Cutting off the tip of your penis, celebrating a schizophrenic's mock execution of his son, stoning a pillar to ward off evil, covering up in reams of black fabric, starving oneself half the day for a month, refusing to immunize one's children, not using contraceptives, molesting children, beating women etc.

    Surely these are worse and more silly than some HARMLESS cross-dressing?

  2. @ Anon, 3:40 PM
    Fisrt I would like to thak you for the well written comment. Secondly I would like to make it clear that the intent of this post is purely for amusement and not to harm or show any sort of mockery towards Hinduism as a faith practised by a considerably large number of people.

    Humor is a kind of amusement that sometimes upsets some peopl while making others amused. I would like to apologise if this post appeared to be upsetting to any person or group of persons.

    The ponits you make are valid and agreeable by me as not very appropriate practices except in certain cases. For example cutting off the tip of penis may not be much of a problem when it is done for the good of the person and the process is undertaken by a trained doctor. In Islam men are circumcised as we all know it but it is not analogous to as you put it 'Cutting the tip of penins". And I believe it is not the tip cut but a little portion of the extra skin around it. Please ask any doc about it. They all agree that it is a good thing to have circumcised.

    I am against all kinds of actions that harm or ill-treat another human being too.

    Thank you again for the nice comment visitor!

  3. i am sorry but i cant help asking if the hindhu god krishna is GAY!?!?!!

  4. no idea abt that.. sorry nuxu..