Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aussie writer says modern male inadequate

In his new book Manthropology: The Secret Science of Modern Male Inadequacy, Australian writer Peter McAllister shows that modern man is not what we claim him to be in terms of, how we men believe us to have evolved and developed into a more intelligent and better being than we were yesterday.

He utilizes scientific evidence derived from archaeology, anthropology and evolutionary psychology to prove that men from the past were smarter, stronger, faster and did everything better than men from today.

Some of his analyses shows that a Neanderthal woman would have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in an arm-wrestle. David Beckham would have come last in a Fulani tribesmen beauty pageant.

What more? He even claims that modern men are lying about their parenting claims. He shows an example of how the men from past carried out the task of parenting as the Congo Pygmy men carrying their babies for 47% of their time awake.

In another of his examples he says that some Pygmy dads developed lactating breasts to nurse their babies. Not a laughing matter!

I wonder what our condition would be after another one or two millennia assuming what this book says is true.

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