Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New look

From the new look you can tell that I have just started to become a little serious about this blogging thing. The vast sea of information on the internet is surprisingly helpful for a novice blogger like me to have accomplished this task in so little time and effort.

I found instructions and tutorials straight to the point and very clear in conveying the message across to help anyone looking for the required information. I must say that there are so many good people out their to help you out if you ask nicely.

Most of the information provided on the world wide web by internet users is more than enough for a given task to be completed well, be it learning web design and development or learning to use software applications, personal development and the list can go on. And all that for free!
This is a new template I downloaded from Deluxe Templates. I liked the look and feel of the template even though it is not very rich in features. But this is exactly the kind of template I was looking for given that I am just a beginner in this area. I have made a few customizations to suit my needs for the moment and set it all up with the few articles I have posted so far.

Comments from visitors is very much appreciated so that, I could have more and better ideas to improve. I might also be able to provide help in something you might  otherwise have thought impossible to get from anywhere else for free! Maybe in your studies, research, blogging or anything related to internet. I will try my best to assist you in anyway I could.

So, visit this site often or even better subscribe to my posts via RSS.

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