Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Download ArchiCAD for free!

I am making this post mainly for my uni mates because I have met many students who have no idea whether ArchiCAD is available for free or not. And no idea at all how or where to get it from.

Having said that, I am sure it will also be of some benefit to any one who wants to find out how and from where to download ArchiCAD for free. I would also like to mention it here that ArchiCAD is not available as a free download for commercial use.

However, it is available for registered students and teachers worldwide. The academic version of ArchiCAD gives the same functionality and full features as the professional version.

And for those who might have stumbled upon here who have no idea what ArchiCAD is please note that, ArchiCAD is a professional software application designed for architects for designing and development of architectural drawings in 2D and 3D complete with project documentation from start to end.  


  1. Visit and register as a student for a temporary license key by providing your name and email address etc. [make double sure that your correct email address is entered here]
  2. Download ArchiCAD and install it as academic version by selecting the academic option during installation. When prompted enter the temporary license key that was emailed to you automatically by Graphisoft in step 1. ArchiCAD has both mac and windows versions plus localized versions for specific languages. So choose which version you need from here.
  3. After installation is complete run ArchiCAD and click on Help from the top menu and select Educational registration/Register for one year serial number
  4. Fill  in your student/teacher details in the web form provided in step 3.
  5. Wait for the one year serial number which will take about a week or so to reach you
That’s all. You are done!

If for any reason you run into trouble following these steps and you could not either download or install ArchiCAD I am more than happy to help you. Just give me a ring if you know my number. If not just Email me or leave a comment here.

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