Sunday, October 4, 2009

Looking for a good resort in Maldives?


Choose Hilton’s Maldives Irufushi Resort & Spa located in Noonu Atoll. Irufushi is a perfect hideaway offering world class service unique to Maldives blended with Hilton’s own high quality international service that will not let you down.

The Maldives has many more resorts, almost all offering similar standards of hospitality plus the sun, crystal clear sea and white sandy beaches unique to Maldives. However, each resort has its own branding and service culture that makes each resort different in a way. Choosing a resort for your holiday in Maldives really depends on your budget and preferences based on the kind of services you need.

Another very good resort that I recommend is Huvafenfushi which is home to the world’s first underwater Spa.


I am not going to bore you with repeated wordings that you have most probably seen on the internet, brochures, magazines and the likes used by advertisers. These two resorts are my favorites in Maldives at the moment and most probably will be for you as well.

You might be thinking why I am making this post on my blog. Is this a paid advertisement? Not at all. I have no connections what so ever with either Huvafenfushi or Irufushi Resort and Spa.

I have received many requests from friends mostly asking to name some resorts good for holidaying in Maldives. I just selected the ones that I think are worthy of visiting. Not that, all the other resorts in Maldives are not worthy, though!

Enjoy your next holiday in Maldives!

Update: Note that Irufushi is no longer operated by Hilton

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