Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Open to testimonials & comments from my students and their parents

I started tutoring at a very young age, even when I was in school myself. Later I began to tutor at a tuition center just after school in the year 1997. Never stopped thereafter except for about 2 years when I had to leave abroad for higher studies. There also, I was able to tutor for one semester.

Having tutored for such a long period I must admit there must be quite a good number of students who received detailed explanations of the lessons and many example problems solved showing all the processes involved. Most of my students score excellent grades in their exams and they always like to say thank you to me in so many different ways. Sometimes sending me an sms. Sometimes calling me up with joy.

So I thought of this idea today just after receiving such a call to make this post leaving it open to all my students and their parents to comment on my teaching/tutoring or leave their thank you messages.

The comments/feedback will surely help me improve my tutoring methods and style even better!

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